Duct Cleaning

Duct & Furnace Cleaning: Air duct and furnace cleaning are most important aspects related indoor air quality. Over time different kinds of particles that originates from different sources can accumulate on inside ducts and furnace and it includes dust particles, pet hairs, pollens, or any other small particles from other substances. With air circulation these fine particles get scattered inside your house making air unhealthy especially for people suffering from respiratory problems. Usually the cleaning should be done in every two to three years on standard basis. But in some exceptional cases duct and furnace cleaning is recommended more frequently.

Why Do You Need Duct & Furnace Cleaning?

  • Removes dust and other micro particles from air passages
  • Cleaning makes HVAC and other systems more efficient
  • Helps people with respiratory problems
  • Removes bacteria and other micro organism developed in vents, pipes, ducts, and furnaces
  • Improves indoor air quality

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